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Some of our most frequently asked questions.

APUi is bi-directional, and comes with 300mm un-terminated cable on each end. This means that either cable can be used as the input or output, allowing for ultimate installation flexibility.

No, the technology used means that the speaker surface vibrates much like a musical instrument, there is simply not enough movement at the edge of the speaker to crack the plaster. When correctly installed, you can be sure that your speakers will never crack the plaster.

No, the plaster effortlessly transmits the sound from the loudspeaker surface into the room without sounding muffled, this is due to the vibrational nature of the loudspeaker and the mechanical properties of the plaster itself. Amina plaster over loudspeakers are specifically designed to sound at their best when a 2mm skim of plaster has been applied to the surface.

Amina VPT loudspeakers generate sound using vibrations within the lightweight and stiff panel material. This is similar to how an acoustic guitar works, the vibrations in the strings are mechanically vibrating the soundboard which then radiates the sound. Instead of vibrating strings, Amina speakers use ‘exciters’ (similar to a conventional loudspeaker driver) to vibrate the panel.

Due to their simple physical design, there are very few things that can go wrong with Amina speakers. We only sell to Amina trained installers, ensuring that your loudspeakers are installed to the highest standards. Amina Protection Units (APU’s) prevent your speakers from being overdriven beyond their limits meaning that it is very rare to see a problem with the loudspeakers. Inevitably, as with any product, there may be times when something does go wrong. On those rare occasions, Amina pride themselves on full customer support to resolve the problem quickly and professionally.

Amina have a range of loudspeaker models (each based on one of our two core performance technologies) which should be selected based on performance requirements as well as construction or design constraints.

Whether you are looking for low level background music or a high-performance home cinema experience, we have products that will work well for you.

For more information on product selection, please contact your local dealer or distributor.

Whilst the installation process isn’t complicated, and someone who is competent at DIY would probably be able to install the speakers, we insist that all Amina speakers are installed by industry professionals who have attended Amina training. This ensures your speakers are installed to the highest standards, allowing them to sound great and last for years to come.

No matter which range of Amina speakers you are purchasing, you can be sure that we have done everything possible to make them sound as good as they can be for you. With great detail and clarity in the high end, the sound is open and natural with ultra-wide 180° high frequency dispersion, unlike any conventional loudspeaker.

Amina Edge series speakers provide the best low frequency performance of any VPT loudspeaker to date.

Paired with our range of bass enhancers and subwoofers, we will have a great sounding solution for you whether you are looking for low level background music or a high-performance home cinema experience with earth shattering bass.

VPT loudspeakers have historically struggled to reproduce low frequency content. However, with the development of our two core technologies, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with a fully hidden VPT loudspeakers bass performance.

Mobius series plaster-over loudspeakers are capable of reproducing down to 55Hz (Mobius7) whilst Edge series plaster up-to speakers are capable of delivering 45Hz (Edge7), with even greater low-mid performance than ever seen before.

If even greater bass extension is required, we have a range of concealed subwoofers and bass enhancers for even the most demanding system.

Every loudspeaker design in the world will sound different, with personal preference being completely subjective. Even when the subjective world is quantified with objective terms, it is very difficult to describe the feeling that you get from a particular loudspeakers sound.

Amina loudspeakers reproduce an incredibly articulate high frequency performance across all angles of dispersion, unlike a conventional loudspeaker. This effective 180° dispersion pattern gives incredibly even room-filling sound with great detail and clarity. Low frequency performance from mobius and Edge speakers is perfect for distributed loudspeaker systems, however it can be supplemented with bass enhancers or subwoofers for more demanding listening systems.

The best way to experience the true performance capabilities and sound quality of Amina loudspeakers is to listen to them for yourself. Please get in touch with your local dealer or distributor to arrange a demonstration.

When installing any type of loudspeaker, whether it is free-standing or installed into a wall/ceiling, there is always a chance of hearing the speaker in an adjoining room. In this respect, Amina loudspeakers are no more likely to suffer from sound transmission issues. Amina can supply a cavity wall backbox which will help reduce rearward sound transmission by up to 30dB in the mid-range band (low frequency attenuation is closer 10dB). If speakers are to be placed in a wall or ceiling where sound-transmission is to be reduced further, additional measures can be taken to further improve attenuation.

Yes, most amplifiers should be more than capable of powering our loudspeakers. It is always essential to double check the specification of the amplifier to check that it can provide enough clean power into the speaker at the correct output impedance. All Amina panel loudspeakers are either 4Ω or 8Ω devices.

Amina speakers are passive devices (unpowered), so you will need a power amplifier, a preamplifier and a media source (music server, receiver, streaming device etc). Many different audio systems may be configured to work well with our loudspeakers, allowing you to experience your music and movies you love, in the way you want.

Yes, Amina speakers can be used to create incredible sounding and immersive multichannel surround sound systems. From surround sound systems for TV watching through to full blown immersive 3D surround sound system such as Dolby Atmos, Amina has a range of great sounding speakers. Amina recommends using Edge7 for the loudest and most punchy home cinema system with invisible loudspeakers.

Yes, all speakers can be installed in either walls or ceilings. Depending on the construction methods to be used, different installation options and backboxes are available to suit your specific requirements. Amina can also provide slim-line speakers that can fit into narrow stud bays.

Whilst Amina plaster-over speakers are designed to sound at their best behind a 2mm skim of plaster, there are many different covering options. Speakers can be installed within wooden panelling, leather, metal, wallpaper, acrylic, mother of pearl, within furniture or cabinetry and even behind gold gilt! The only limiting factor is your imagination!

Please note that Edge series speakers are not suitable for above finishes.

The ALF120 uses a series of small 4″ drivers in a distributed transmission line design. This configuration allows for a high performance subwoofer in a very shallow cabinet, perfect for media rooms, high performance music systems and home theatre. The ALF120 is an incredibly sensitive device, able to produce 111dB from just 50W power down to 27Hz.

In order to allow the subwoofer to perform to it’s maximum performance capability whilst protecting the drivers, it is essential that the subwoofer is used with a DSP amplifier in accordance with the supplied EQ and limiter settings. Steep digital filtering allows the subwoofer to generate room-shaking bass without risking damage to the unit.

For a suitable compatible amplifier or processor, please contact your local distributor.


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